Best Inversion Table for Lower Back Pain Relief: The Teeter EP-560

Best Inversion Table for Back Pain Relief: Teeter 560

Spine wellness is essential to the overall health of the body. The spine protects the spinal column. It also supports the core of our body and stabilizes movement.  With this part of the body working so hard, we can often experience pain and tension in this area.

Using the Teeter EP-560 Inversion Table is an easy and instant way for you to stretch, strengthen and relax your back and core.

Teeter EP Inversion TableThe Teeter EP-560 at a Glance

Main benefits are:

  • Relaxes tense muscles
  • Decompresses the spine
  • Reduces nerve pressure
  • Rejuvenates spinal discs
  • Builds core strength
  • Realigns vertebrae
  • Safely stretches muscles


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Suitable for people suffering from:

  • Back Pain
  • Sciatica
  • Muscle Tension
  • Degenerative Disc Disease
  • Herniated Discs
  • Spinal Stenosis
  • Spinal Curvature due to Tight Muscles
  • Muscle Spasm
  • Facet Syndrome

The main features are:

  • Extra-Long Stretch Max Handles
  • EZ-Angle Safety Tether
  • Patented wrap-around Ankle Cups
  • ComforTrak Bed with Hand Grips
  • Acupressure Nodes & Lumbar Bridge
  • Precision Balanced
  • Secure Lock-Out in Full Inversion
  • Easy 5-Step Assembly
  • Folds for Storage
  • Third Party Safety Certified
  • 5-year Full Warranty
  • User Guide, DVD and free download of TeeterLink App


  • Height Capacity: 4’8″ – 6’6″ (142 – 198 cm)
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs (136 kg)
  • Length when not in use: 60″ (152 cm)
  • Height when not in use: 58.5″ (148 cm)
  • Length when in use: 84″ In-Use Width: 28.8″ (73 cm)
  • Height when in use: 86″ (218 cm)
  • Assembled Weight: 58.6 lbs (26.6 kg)
  • Carton Length: 48.5″ (123 cm)
  • Carton Width: 30″ (76 cm)
  • Carton Height: 8.9″ (23 cm)
  • Shipper Carton Weight: 68.3 (40 kg)
  • Warranty: Full 5-Year Warranty U.S. and international patents apply

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Teeter’s EP-560 Inversion Table Review in Detail

The Teeter company started in the early 1980’s when engineer and waterskier Roger Teeter began experiencing severe back pain. Committed to helping himself and others, Roger designed what was to become the Teeter Inversion Table with an aim to create the best inversion table possible.

Since then, the Teeter company has become synonymous with quality inversion products and the EP-560 is now the most popular model from the Teeter ComforTrak Series.

Relieves Back Pain instantaneously
Millions of individuals experience relentless back pain that seems impossible to control. If you suffer from unstoppable back pain, you shouldn’t consider surgery or other invasive treatments until you have tried Teeter’s EP-560, the best inversion table for lower back pain relief.

One of the main benefits of using this product is enjoying the instant alleviation from discomfort in the spine and core areas. By rotating the body to an angle past horizontal, the user can feel the reversal of gravity on their joints and experience immediate decompression of their internal bone, muscle and nerve systems.

This elongation of the spine does wonders for the health of the body. It gives the discs between the vertebrae a chance to rehydrate with cerebrospinal fluid. This nourishing fluid is normally squeezed out by constant compression, mediated by gravity.

When the discs are decompressed with help from the best inversion table around, they absorb more moisture and enlarge. This enlargement results in extra room, which provides easier clearance for nerves to pass. This reduces pressure and pinched nerves.

Also, when the body is inverted to 60°, the pressure in the spine is completely eliminated. In this situation, misaligned vertebrae can find their way back into place, improving posture. While inverted, the muscles around the spinal column relax. This leads to increased blood circulation and reduced tension. Your body has the opportunity to restore.

Eases Stress
Inverted muscles stretch. This contributes to increased blood circulation and oxygen flow to the blood. The lymphatic system recharges, flushing out toxins. Under these conditions, muscle stiffness dissipates and the user feels tension subside.

Improves Joint Health
When your joints are constantly compressed as they are in our normal, upright positions, they experience constricting pressure that limits the secretion of synovial fluid in the joint cavities.

When decompressed through inversion therapy, the joints experience a surge of lubricating fluids. This brings nutrients to the cartilage, drains waste products, and supports improved shock absorption.

Increases Flexibility and Improves Posture
Decompression elongates muscles, providing an easy, comfortable stretch. This gentle reduction of pressure gives the discs and joints a moment to rehydrate to a larger and more nourished capacity.

The enlarged, hydrated discs can make a user feel taller instantly. And stretched muscles can release the built-up tension that gives us bad posture. With consistent use of the inversion table, posture can be permanently altered and realigned.

Builds Core Strength
The development of core muscles helps support the skeletal structure as it bears the weight of the body. The EP-560 not only provides a platform from which you can safely perform these workouts, it also comes with a DVD that provides instructions for specific core-building exercises.

Teeter EP-Inversion TableFeatures
You’ll be spending a lot of time on your table, and therefore require an inversion table review which discusses the fine details of the product.

The highly considered details are where the EP-560 proves itself to be the best inversion table. The smart design gives this table the dependability necessary to make it your go-to table for years to come.

The bed is constructed of a durable plastic. It is contoured to shape the curves of your body, providing outstanding comfort. The slick material is not only easy to clean but resists friction against your body for easy mobility and stretching.

The bed has a joint of flexion, designed to move with your body as it inverts and stretches. You’ll notice the bed has slits cut out of the material. What are these for? They are part of a satisfying and unique feature of the EP-560. Detachable acupressure nodes fit into these tracks.

The table comes with 4 different sized pairs of nodes. You can place them anywhere on the bed; they fit snugly into these slots and offer instant localized pressure to relieve knots and tension in the back muscles. When in oscillating motion, the body slides up and down on the nodes, giving you the sensation of a shiatsu massage.

You can use the nodes with or without the Lumbar Bridge, an accessory which attaches to the bed in the lumbar region. This adjustable, curved support gives attention to the lower back, helps maintain alignment and gives a point of resistance for traction in that specific area.

New to the EP-560 model, the bed features built-in handles above and on either side of the head. These provide more options for active decompression, stretching and twisting. Lastly, the bed also comes with a detachable head pillow for comfort.

You’ll be upside down and at the mercy of gravity, but fear not; the structure of the EP-560 is sound and reliable. In fact, Teeter is the only inversion table brand to receive approval from Underwriter’s Laboratories, an independent product safety certificate organization.

The simple A-frame design is sturdy and solid, holding a weight up to 300 pounds. It folds as easily as a ladder and fits into a closet for storage. The frame also consists of solid metal handholds.

These long, extended handles provide an easy grip and provide extra control as you rotate.  The frame also comes with a simple safety strap, called the Angle Tether. Easily and quickly affix the Angle Tether to prevent full inversion.

The designers gave a lot of attention and care to the ankle supports. You’ll be suspended from the ankles, so safety and comfort are priorities. Some inversion tables have separate ankle cups in the back, but use a single lateral bar across both ankles to secure the user while upside down.

The EP-560 replaces the bar with separate front ankle cups, heavily padded and contoured to fit entirely around each ankle. This attention to detail makes a big difference. The specialty foam padding the cups and impeccable wrap-around design greatly reduce pressure.

When the ankle supports are comfortable, not just on day 5 but on day 105 and beyond, you’ll be sure to frequent the table for years, and feeling relief all that time.

The EP-560 offers a smooth ride to inversion using intuitive weight shifts and simple arm movements. At 60 degrees you can easily reach the handle bar on the frame for a wonderful stretch. At full inversion, the system has the option to lock giving you the opportunity to perform inverted core workouts or simply hang.

As if all this weren’t enough, this table is fully customizable. It is compatible with separately purchased Teeter accessories like EZ-Up Gravity Boots, EZ-Stretch Traction Handles, and Vibration Cushion.

Excellent Quality You Can Trust
Teeter’s commitment to creating dependable and effective products is impressive. With their 3rd party UL certification, 35 years of experience engineering inversion products, and a user base of over 2 million relaxed individuals, they continue to distinguish themselves as the creators of the best inversion table.

The EP-560 is constructed of high-performance materials, such as special flexing plastic injection-molded beds and heavy-duty steel. They also feature exclusive and patented features to enable maximum security such as auto-locking hinges, cam locks, and specialized pivot bearings.

You can trust that Teeter provides the best inversion table for lower back pain relief, as they are the only inversion table brand approved by the FDA to treat the conditions associated with back pain.

Setting Up
You’ve got your EP-560 inversion table and you’re eager to use it! First, you’ll need to set it up. This takes just a few minutes and couldn’t be easier!

Please refer to the user manual for complete instructions, but, in the meantime, here are some quick tips to get you started.  The table arrives mostly preassembled.

To assemble the rest, open the frame to its full width and secure the lateral spreader arms by pressing down until they lock. Rotate the head of the bed from resting on the crossbar to being suspended upside-down (as if you were hanging in a 60° inversion.)

Then, insert the shaft with the ankle supports into the main shaft housing on the bottom of the bed. Be sure the ankle supports are facing upward. Pull on the locking pin to slide the shaft to your desired height and release the pin to feel it lock into place.

Rotate the now attached bed and shaft so that the head is up and the ankle supports are down. If you did this correctly, the shaft will be resting on the crossbar of the frame.

An important feature of the EP-560 is that it is customizable to fit your body height and weight. This requires you to take a moment to adjust the user settings to fit your body type. It’s an easy but important step, and the table must always be re-adjusted between users.

The first adjustment you’ll need to make is to the rotation speed of the table. Slide the main shaft all the way in, to its shortest, storage setting, and lock in place. Rotate the bed opposite from normal use so that the head rests against the crossbar.

You’ll need to remove the bed from the frame, so find the roller hinges and, using your thumbs to unlock the hooks, lift the bed out of the frame and rest the head on the floor. Open both cam locks. Release the roller hinge from the bracket pin and slide it to the appropriate setting.

There are 3 settings that correspond to different levels of rotation responsiveness. Select the first hole, A, if you are an experienced inversion table user, and/or your are between 80-120 pounds. In this setting, the rotation is the most responsive, even to subtle weight shifts, and you’ll be able to lock in at full inversion.

The middle hole, B, is suitable for individuals between 120-220 pounds. It normally will not lock in a full inversion, unless you’re over 220 pounds. Setting C is perfect for new users, or people between 220 and 300 pounds. It’s the least responsive, will generally not lock in full inversion and gives you the easiest control over the rate of rotation.

Reattach your components and reassemble the equipment. After you’ve taken a moment to adjust the rotation setting, take a look at the main shaft. By pulling out the locking pin, you can adjust the length of the shaft to fit your individual height requirements.

Find your height and lock the shaft in place. Please note that, depending on your body’s weight distribution, the height you use for the table might be one or two inches off from your actual body’s height. Experiment for best results. Please consult the user manual for further details.

Are you a new user? It might be wise to set up the Angle Tether, a safety strap that prevents you from reaching a full inversion. You can find this strap on the frame. Grab the loose end and hook it onto the U-bar under the bed. It’s no problem to customize the intensity of your angle, so adjust this strap as you become more comfortable with the table and seek deeper inversions.

There is one last adjustment necessary before you’re ready to go. Take a look at the ankle cups. You need to adjust the Ankle Comfort Dial to either a high or low setting. To prevent your body from sliding downward while inverted, set the Ankle Comfort Dial so that the cups hug the smallest part of your ankles and the cups rest as snugly against the top of your foot as possible.

Using the EP-560
Now that you’ve configured the table to your body and specific needs, you’re ready to hop on! Take a moment to place the bed in its upright position with the head at the top, the ankle straps at the bottom, and the main shaft resting against the crossbar.

Best Inversion Table Benefits of Inversion Table TherapyPosition yourself so that your feet are standing on the outside of each ankle support and your lower body rests against the bed. One foot at a time, slide your foot inward on the Ankle Comfort Dial so your ankle rests within the cups.

Make the ankle cups fit as securely as possible by slightly rotating the top of the heel cups toward your ankles.  Using the t-pin, lock the front ankle cups in place.

Take a moment to wiggle your ankles and feel that the lock is secure. Don’t let shoes, loose clothes or other materials to get in the way of the ankle cups and your ankles, as this will interfere with the security of the device. Again, before using the EP-560, refer to the user manual for the most detailed information, warnings, and instructions.

You’re strapped in and ready to hang out! Begin by slowly lifting your arms overhead. This simple action redistributes the weight and causes the bed to rotate towards inversion.

Here is a tip: the speed of rotation corresponds to the speed of arm movement.

With this in mind, start off with just one arm, moving upward slowly and deliberately. Once you’ve rotated backward, you can then experiment with oscillation. Move your arm(s) back and forth to create a gentle see-saw effect. When you’ve reached your desired angle of inversion, allow both arms to rest above your head, breathe and enjoy the relaxed sensation.

Are you ready for full inversion?

If you’re comfortable with inverting at 60° and you’d like to add more stretches and exercises to your sessions, you can try full inversion, which is defined as suspended completely upside down (90°) with your back not touching the bed.

Full inversion is not necessary to experience the full range of benefits, so please do not try this step if you feel unready. First, detach the Angle Tether and adjust the user roller hinge setting to either A (if you’re under 220 pounds) of B (if you’re over 220 pounds.)

Proceed to raise your arms slowly overhead until you reach 90° at which point your body releases from contact with the bed. In this position, the bed will lock, allowing you to simply hang or perform core exercises.

To release from the full inversion lock, using one hand, hold onto the handle on the bed located above your head. With your free hand, grasp the frame in front of you and gently pull your hands together. You will begin rotating upwards.

To return to a fully upright position, gradually bring your arms down by your sides. Allow for a pause just past horizontal. Your body takes this time to readjust to the normal compressions of gravity. This moment of rest is also beneficial in assisting regulation of blood flow and prevention of dizziness.

For additional support during the return, you can bend your knees slightly as you send your weight towards the foot-end of the bed. Don’t lift your head or pull on the handles, as doing so would invite tension back into your body. If you experience more difficulty returning upright, readjust the user settings. Complete your session by disengaging the t-pin lock, raising your heels to open the ankle cups, and carefully stepping to the ground.

Best Practices

Before Using
There are some best practices in which you can really make the most of your equipment, discussed in this inversion table review. Before inverting, check that the four adjustments (rate of rotation, shaft height, tether strap, and ankle height) are suited for your body.

Take this time to also double check that parts are functioning properly and the assembly is correct. Be sure to extend the frame to its widest position and lock the spreader arms. Look around you. Are there potential obstacles such as walls or furniture? Is the floor even and level?

Select an open space free from obstructions or physical hazards.  When you mount the table and clamp your ankles in, follow Teeter’s advice regarding the T-Pin mechanism: “Hear, feel, see.” Did you hear the t-pin lock into place? Did you feel the T-Pin snap into a hole? And finally, be sure that you do not see space between the t-pin lock and its base.

While practicing inversion, listen to your body and respond to its needs. To receive the full power of inversion, let your muscles relax and enjoy the sensation. Most inversion practitioners keep the duration short (five to ten minutes) and the frequency high (one to several times a day.) When in doubt, it is better to begin with small increments of duration, such as one or two minutes, and advance when you feel comfortable.

Begin with the Angle Tether strapped in place. Ask a friend to spot you for your first few experiences. Then, when you’re ready, try out Lumbar Bridge feature that provides support and extra lower-back traction. Try the nodes during oscillation to indulge in a restorative massage. Simply lift an arm to slide backward and lower the arm to return upright.

Use the convenient handles on the bed to pull with your arms and elongate your spine. If you’d like to incorporate more movement into your practice and you feel confident hanging in full vertical inversion, you can work on abdominal exercises and other core-strengthening activities.

It’s simple to store your EP-560. Like a ladder, it folds up in just a few seconds. First, unfasten the Angle Tether, if you’re using it. Then, slide the main shaft in all the way to its shortest setting, the last hole near the rear ankle cups. Rotate the bed backward, opposite from normal use, until it rests upon the crossbar of the steel frame. Lastly, pull up on the spreader arms and fold the base inward towards itself. The final storage size is 20″ x 28.8″ x 66″ (50.8 x 73 x 167.6 cm.)

Additional Information

There shouldn’t be too much maintenance for this equipment. It is solid, excellently constructed and requires no upkeep other than the occasional cleaning. If you wish to wipe down your table, be sure to use a damp cloth without harsh chemicals, abrasive substances or solvents.

5-Year Full Warranty
Feel secure in your purchase. Teeter offers a “repair and replace” five-year warranty that protects you in the case of manufacturer’s defects in materials, workmanship, fabrics and padding. It includes options to replace defective parts, replace the full equipment or to receive a full refund.

As with any piece of equipment used on the body, exercise caution when implementing the EP-560 inversion table

DO NOT use an inversion table if you have neurological impairment; any condition which affects the brain, heart or circulatory system; a bone or spinal cord injury; an ear, nose, or balance-affecting condition; and/or digestive or internal conditions.

In addition, DO NOT use this equipment if you are medically directed to restrict exercise, such as with pregnancy, obesity, and recovery from recent surgery.  Consult your physician prior to use.

Follow all steps as directed by the assembly and mounting procedures, including “hear, feel, see,” to ensure locks are properly fastened. Hear the lock click into place. Feel the snap as it locks into the hole and see that there is no room between the T-Pin and its base.

If you can’t get enough of your EP-560 Teeter inversion table, check out the additional accessories that are compatible with your equipment. These extra features provide a richer inversion experience and greater ease of function.

While assembly is a cinch, make it even easier by downloading the free interactive Teeterlink App on your smartphone or tablet. This comprehensive app gives you complete control of your session by tracking duration, frequency, and angle. It also provides product support, helpful user tips, videos, healthy lifestyle advice, and more! Obtain the app for free from both Android and iPhone app stores.

Every table comes with a full-color glossy Owner’s Manual, describing in detail all the information you need to know about your EP-560. Each table also comes with a Getting Started DVD, which leads you through assembly, use, and beneficial exercises. Use the DVD to learn more about warming up the spine, strengthening your core, stretching your back and improving your posture.

For additional purchase, you can customize your Teeter to make it the best inversion table for you. Consider enhancing your inversion experience with EZ-Up Gravity Boots, an EZ-reach Ankle System, a Better Back Vibration Cushion, and extra nodes for pure massaging bliss.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you use the equipment without adjusting for your own user settings?

  • It’s very important that you find your ideal balance settings. With ease in mind, the designers have perfectly engineered the balance mechanism to rotate according to intuitive weight shifts and arm movements. It is necessary to keep user control over rotation as simple as possible; any pulling, heaving or jerking will undermine the relaxation benefits gained from the session. Play around with the settings, follow the guidelines, and find the setting that makes you feel most comfortable.

What should you do while inverted?

  • Listen to your body and determine your inversion activities accordingly. Some people prefer to completely relax, let go of all muscle tension and simply hang. Others stretch or gently move to bring rehydrating fluids into the joints and ligaments. Oscillation is popular and immensely beneficial as fluids inside the body are able to refresh and circulation is increased. For a more active option, stretch using the bed handles and/or frame. Or, perform inverted exercises including squats, crunches, and full-range sit-ups.

How long should your sessions last?

  • Initially, aim for one to two minutes. Work your way up from there. The most important benefits of inversion only occur when you are fully relaxed. Consider how long it takes your body to release all tension as you time your sessions.

How often should your sessions occur?

  • Frequency is more important than duration. Maintain a consistent routine for optimal results. Try to hang out several times a day, as a morning wake-up practice, an evening sleep preparation, and mid-day rejuvenations. Also, when your back is acting up, head over to the table for instant relief.

User Feedback

So many people familiar with inversion therapy have realized that the EP-560 is the best inversion table for lower back pain relief. EP-560 users find the rate of rotation superb with its smooth and controlled balance. They notice that this feature is superior to cheaper products, which have the tendency to jolt the user during bed rotation.

Another standout comment from EP-560 users concerns the appreciation for its solid construction. The user can feel how this table is substantially more stable and heftier than other brands, giving them confidence while inverting.

The people who have used the EP-560 consistently comment on the comfort of the bed and ankle supports and find it the best inversion table around. They recognize the success of Teeter’s innovative wrap-around ankle cups, which are more comfortable than the standard bar lock.

Users also agree on the pleasing aesthetics of the EP-560, finding its appearance beautiful. Not only that, but the table is squeak-free, giving you a calm and silent glide that feels like floating on air.

For users who are accustomed to the high price of ongoing sessions with professional clinicians, the EP-560 is extremely affordable. This inversion table is a one-time investment that doesn’t cost money to operate and will last for years. Users enjoy practicing inversion at their own discretion, remaining independent from the inconvenience of scheduling sessions with professionals.

One point of concern that some users mentioned was the necessity to bend down to reach the ankle locks. For those who have limitations with flexion, this can be solved by purchasing an EZ-Reach Ankle System.

Pro and Cons


  • Unmatched performance
  • Easy to assembly and use
  • Fully adjustable and customizable
  • Special attention to comfort in the bed, ankle supports, and smooth rotation
  • Durable product constructed from quality materials
  • Inexpensive relative to ongoing treatments with professional clinicians
  • All-natural, instant relief from back pain


  • Cannot reach the ankle supports without bending down
  • Large piece of equipment when in use; could be difficult to operate in areas with limited space
  • At 58 pounds, some users might need a friend to assist in moving the table.

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Company Philosophy

Teether is committed to helping you relieve your backpain and has manufactured inversion tables since 1981. Protection of the user, reliable functioning, and excellent customer service are their priorities.

This company has designed the best inversion table on the market. In their design process, Teeter has developed several unique patented features that set it apart from other inversion tables.

The company works together with patients, athletes, chiropractors, doctors, and engineers to guarantee the best inversion table. Their long experience in the field has allowed them to make over 100 adjustments to improve the functionality and ease of use of their inversion tables.

Side by side comparisons with their competitors show that the EP-560 Teeter inversion table has higher-quality materials and better features. These studies show that this inversion table has a higher static load and performs better in functional endurance tests.

In these tests, the inversion tables of all other brands broke down after less than 30,000 cycles. The EP-560 Teeter inversion table, on the other hand, is still in perfect shape after 133 percent of the required number of cycles, lasting 27 years. This shows that, thanks to the superior welding methods with which it is manufactured, this is the best inversion table for real world use.

Don’t be fooled by mimics! Although other inversion tables often look similarly, they are made with less steel and with lower-quality materials, which makes them lighter but also less sturdy. Certain others are heavier, but this extra material does not provide any extra structural support.

Teeter understands the engineering requirements and knows where the stress points lie that need extra heat-treated steel reinforcements. Also, Teeter’s inversion tables have a higher base-to-height ratio, rendering it more stable than others. Importantly, the EP-560 Teeter inversion table is also easier to assemble, to rotate, and to lock when fully inverted.

The current lack of adequate government regulations concerning inversion tables often results in inferior products. Teeter is the only company that has passed the specifications required to get a certificate from Underwriter’s Laboratories. This is a renown, independent organization that tests inversion tables for safety and efficacy. This certification is objective proof that the EP-560 is the best inversion table for lower back pain relief.

Teeter is committed to offering you excellent customer service and product support. Their website features comprehensive information about their products. Teether’s customer service agents are available from Monday to Friday.

Support material that comes with their products includes detailed assembly and user instructions, an owner’s manual, an interactive app, and an instructional DVD. This DVD contains routines for healthy back stretching and strengthening. Teether also offers a full warranty of five years, which is longer than any of their competitors.

Roger Teeter began the Teeter journey with a vision to heal. He, his family, and his growing company continually strive to reach more people and create better products. They empathize with the needs of those who suffer from back pain and they are devoted to helping them find relief.

The Teeter EP-560 stands out from other models for its high-quality materials, premium features, and extreme comfort. Also mentioned in this inversion table review are its easy usability, superior performance and innovative design details that enhance the effectiveness of its pain relief and stretching capabilities.

This makes the Teeter EP-560 the best inversion table on the market. Using the EP-560 is a natural and convenient way to treat yourself at home. It has proven itself to be the best inversion table for lower back pain relief and is an essential piece of equipment for anyone who wants to take control of their health.